Searcher Tip: On, Then Over

So you’re not outdoors-y, but you think you’ve got a good solve that will lead you right to the treasure.  At least, that’s what it looked like on Google Maps.  But now you’re on the trail, sure that the snakes and spiders are out there too, waiting, plotting their ambush.  The wind whips around you, whining in your ears… or, maybe it was a howl?

First off – breathe.  Look around.  There are critters everywhere, and for the most part they are doing their best to stay away from you.  They most likely heard you coming a long time before you saw them.  And that’s a good thing.

You know how, when you sneak up on that skitterish friend, they spin around and deck you right in the schnoz?

So when you’re out hunting for the treasure, dreading your inevitable encounter with the critters who live there, it’s okay to shuffle through the dry leaves a little more loudly than you need to.  Or sing.  You do you.   Most of the time you won’t need to avoid the snakes and coyotes.  If you give them a heads up, they won’t stick around.

Which brings me to “On Then Over”.  I took the scenic route, but got to the point eventually.

If there’s a thing blocking the path, our instincts are usually to just step over… but if something is hiding behind it or under it, it’s going to get spooked by the sudden appearance of your foot in its face.  That’s when it takes a nip at your ankles before it runs away.

Instead, step on top of the thing that’s blocking your path, or at least give it a test wiggle with your toe.  The movement will scare off any critters in hiding, and you’ll all get to carry on with your day in peace.

Safe Searching,