Newspaper Gold: Missouri Weekly Patriot, January 6, 1870

Treasure hunting sometimes feels like nine parts research, one part adventure.  But lucky for us, researching Missouri history is pretty darned entertaining.  Thanks to their age, I can share these with you, courtesy of the Missouri Weekly Patriot, vol 6 no 16.  


Antique News of the Weird

A Vermont dog chased a deer for thirty hours, and they both dropped dead at last, not ten feet apart.

The Gentile editor who was recently thrashed by a gang of Mormon saints is to take his revenge by writing a book about them.

There is an innocent prisoner in jail at Marshall Miss, and he won’t take his liberty because the Sheriff won’t apologize for his arrest.

Oh, Wyoming…

The Legislature of Wyoming has passed bills establishing female suffrage, and legalizing gambling, in that State.  What is Wyoming coming to?  — what sort of men have they got there?

The Broad Road to Ruin

The churches, and temperance society… have failed to close up the saloons and gambling houses.  Our fathers, husbands and sons are on the broad road to ruin.  Give woman the ballot, saloons and gambling houses will be houses of prayer and virtue…