The Curse of Oak Island – S7E5

I’m a fan, and I’m not ashamed to say it anonymously on the internet.  This show is a lot of F words: frustrating, and fascinating, and funny, to list a few. I binge watched six seasons, and now I have to wait for new episodes, like it’s the 1980s.  As an aside, the future is pretty amazing if “can’t watch the whole season right now” can go on the gripe list.

But, back to Oak Island.

When the divers went into 10X, I knew that the episode wouldn’t air if something tragic had happened… but I was just as sure that those men were never going to see sky again.  I wasn’t so sure about whether they would show a headless corpse, and watched the rest of that episode through my fingers.

I’m pretty sure I teared up when Jack signed the DMT can, because I have a soul.

Then, once they got into Smith’s Cove and Laird started to perk up, everything changed.  It never really mattered to me if there was a dollar or a million dollars in the money pit.  But at the Cove there was a story, buildings, artifacts, and every time he exposed another beam of the slipway I was on the edge of my seat.  The story of the place was coming to life like it hadn’t before.

COULD IT BE? Templar aliens from the middle east by way of France used star charts to hide the Holy Grail in a box underground?  Probably not, but if they said I could come up there and help dig I’d be on the next flight.

So now S7: it’s different again.  Mr. Clotworthy seems to be abstaining from his trademark COULD IT BE interjections, which means I’m never going to win at COOI Bingo now.  (All is not lost: we can still play the Narrator Drinking Game.)  There’s new skits and graphics… and yay for that. I will not miss the Chappell Vault’s cutscene.

BUT.  After seven seasons, millions down the holes, and et cetera … to find a sluiceway that’s supposed to lead them to X Marks the Spot?  I’d go mad.

In that light, waiting a week to see what happened doesn’t seem so tough anymore.