Legal Woes

The big news on the Forrest Fenn reddit lately seems to be that someone is suing him. The TLDR version of that drama is that someone can’t find the treasure, so he can’t donate it to charity, or something.

My trust in that statement aside, I do worry that some nutter might try something similar for our little game, so I gave it some thought:

I don’t know that $50 is worth hiring a lawyer for. A frustrated searcher is probably better off joining a team to share ideas with. Then, win or lose, there’s new friends and maybe a pizza and six-pack, if that’s your bag.

Our treasures are real. That’s why each hunt has a launch video that shows the treasure being put together. The only thing I don’t shoot is putting the target in its hiding place, because… common sense. If someone knows the area in the video, then the riddle doesn’t matter.

So I’m not asking anyone to play our game. If you’re out there, you know the treasure is real. I’m not selling hint books or building an email list for marketing.

There is no promise that you’re going to hold one of our treasures at the end of the day. I can promise that I put them out there, but there is always the chance that someone was faster than you, or your solve missed the mark. I will check up on them from time to time to see if they are still there, but these are placed all over Missouri and I am not retired yet. As much as I’d love to travel more, gotta tend that day job.

So good luck, have fun, and maybe don’t sue me, please. That’d be great. Thanks.

Happy Non-Litigation,