The Clay Stones

At the end of the hunt, if everything goes your way, you’ll be holding a neat little hollow stone made out of clay. At least, for the first couple of hunts you will.

The problem with clay is the cold, and the wet. Clay really doesn’t like to be either one. They’re sealed against the weather, but even so… it’ll hold up for a little while. But what if the hunt drags on? I don’t want to go swap out any prizes. Once they hit their hiding place, the next person to touch them should not be me.

So starting with the third hunt, I’m considering other options. Besides, doesn’t a treasure hunt need a real treasure? How about a little box filled with fifty lovely, golden, one-dollar coins? Maybe some silver ones just to spice up the colors. It’s an option. I’ll have to see what my bank has on hand.

I’m shying away from using gold and jewelry and the like because:

  • They seem like they’d be a pain to trade for cash monies,
  • It’s not like I’m hiding a million dollar’s worth of stuff, and
  • Oh. And I don’t have any gold or precious things like that. I probably should have led with that.

[Update 12/7] Michaels was running a sale on little prefab wooden chests, so I got 12. For 2020 hunts, the treasures will be nestled in a weather-sealed box with the MOTH logo burned into it. Oooh, so official!