Snow Days

With mid-Missouri covered in a nice blanket of snow, it’s a good time to put treasure hunting on hold and switch over to Research Mode.

For me this means getting the 2020 chests ready for the wild. My bank does carry $1 coins, but there’s no guarantee that they will all be gold since they come in paper sleeves. I thought about pulling all of the gold ones out and only using those. In the end I’ve decided that the variety of colors could be more visually appealing.

On the technical side, these snow days are giving me a good excuse to snuggle up with a warm computer and actually learn how WordPress works. I’m no stranger to web programming, but WordPress is … a unique creature. Over the next few days I will be getting the website more in line with what I want it to be, opening up more discussion options, launching two new site categories, and enabling AdSense.

I’m aware that enabling ads can be seen in a negative light. What I like about them is that they are opt-in, and ubiquitous enough to not detract from the website. I won’t have to beg for donations or manage a Patreon campaign. You can choose to interact with them… or not. It’s on me to keep them tasteful and relevant, and I will do what I can. I want them to be useful, not just there. This is my first dive into the AdSense pool, so bear with me while I slide down the learning curve.

As soon as the site is where I want it, then I’ll launch the 2019.12 treasure hunt and start “marketing” this site. I don’t like that word, but what good is a treasure if no one knows it’s out there to be hunted? I’m thinking low key – posting flyers, maybe run a facebook ad… that sort of thing.

But why the rush? Why not wait til spring? In a word: Christmas. If the aura around the holiday dinner table grows politically thick, it’d be nice to pop the tension with a nice story about treasure and riddles. Who doesn’t get a little thrill when they find out there’s treasure buried in their area, free for the taking, and all they need is to solve a silly poem?

Happy Off-Season,