Kansas City, MO (SOLVED!)

Funding: Coins are in the chest.
Permission: Granted
Launched: July 27, 2020

This treasure was found by a very happy boy on 8/19/2020.

Given the history of the location, I felt more like writing a letter than a riddle poem.  I hope you enjoy the variance.

The Solve : Which Park was it in?

My Dearest Ann,
SOLVE: Take Ann’s Trail.

This epidemic and subsequent inclosure
SOLVE: This area is also known as the Barnes Enclosure.

lead me to recall our long walks last spring,
SOLVE: Truman used to take his future wife, Bess, on walks through this park.

before you set off for Oregon. 
SOLVE: This park was on the Oregon Trail.

Our Peggy sends her regards.  Presently she is soaked from nose to toes because she took a spill
SOLVE: Peggy’s Water Garden is one of the first things you will see before you step on the trail.

while chasing three Eagles
SOLVE: Three Scouts became Eagles by building a wooden walkway and shelter known as “Three Eagles.”

across the greens. 
SOLVE: Cave Springs Park was once a golf course.

Paul promises to write soon — he has been quite busy, and is resting now.
SOLVE: Pass Paul’s Rest Stop on the trail.

The Solve: Zeroing in.

When next you visit, I hope you are well. 
SOLVE: Right off the trail is a well, and a sign that reads “Cabin Well”.

Let yourself in through the front door — no need for you to knock
SOLVE: Go forward and through the front door of the cabin remains.
There is no need to knock because there is no door.

— and warm yourself by the fire. 
SOLVE: Look in the fireplace.

As I watch the smoke and think of you, I am warmed by the memory of imaginging our dreams in the clouds as children.
SOLVE: Look up inside the chimney.

Ever your faithful friend,

SOLVE: Jesse Barnes purchased the Cave Spring land and allowed wagon trains to camp there.