Springfield, MO

Status: Active – chest is on the ground.
Permission: Granted
Launched: December 24, 2019

If we want to keep doing hunts, the host parks have some reasonable rules we need to follow:

  • Don’t dig!  Treasure chests will not be underground.
  • Don’t metal detect!  It’s not legal everywhere, so it’s just easier to say nope on this.  You won’t need one – they’re fairly easy to get to.
  • Don’t risk it!  It’s $50, guys.  Don’t risk your neck.  I didn’t when I put it there.


In warm December
I daydreamed of Spring
Fields of red and yellow
Dry creeks flowing
But the way was too hard
The voices too thick.
I wandered, lost
Above silent screams.
On broad shoulders I rested
Until the peace I sought
Was found within.


This hunt takes place in or around Springfield, Missouri.

The clues should be followed in the order of the poem.