Columbia, MO


The general area for this hunt is hidden in the first stanza.

Update 12/24/2019:

This hunt takes place in Columbia, Missouri. The treasure can be found by following the clues in the order of the poem.
There is no need to dig.

Can you find my humble cache
On public land, under the sky?
My quiver’s full, my shovel’s stashed
One engraved stone awaits your try

Where farmers fought a deadly strain
And our sun burned the crest
The deed was done, and then again
So we could come, play, learn, and rest.

So surrender not, and hope maintain
To reflect on your next step
If the prize you would obtain
You’ll need to be correct.

All will be clear when you are there
Still, proceed with modest eyes
It’s haunted by a sickly pair
But in one’s shade: the prize.

So travel smart when on your way
And place your steps with care
A puzzle for some lazy day
A hollow memory to share.