Springfield, MO

Status: Active – chest is on the ground.Permission: GrantedLaunched: December 24, 2019 If we want to keep doing hunts, the host parks have some reasonable… Read More »Springfield, MO

Missouri Parks

As I put together the 2020 riddles, I’m sorting through the unique history of each potential treasure location. Some of these stories are pretty wild,… Read More »Missouri Parks

Snow Days

With mid-Missouri covered in a nice blanket of snow, it’s a good time to put treasure hunting on hold and switch over to Research Mode.… Read More »Snow Days

Man + River

Just came across this channel on YouTube, and couldn’t wait to talk about it. This treasure hunter does it right: besides making some cool finds,… Read More »Man + River

Legal Woes

The big news on the Forrest Fenn reddit lately seems to be that someone is suing him. The TLDR version of that drama is that… Read More »Legal Woes

The Secret

Some think there is a jewel buried in Missouri, as part of a multi-state hunt called The Secret. The man behind this hunt is sadly… Read More »The Secret

Columbia, MO

Hints: The general area for this hunt is hidden in the first stanza. Update 12/24/2019: This hunt takes place in Columbia, Missouri. The treasure can… Read More »Columbia, MO

Safety First

Missouri is home to some beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife… with emphasis on the “wild”. If you’re not outdoors-y, here’s a few tips that might… Read More »Safety First